To promote better understanding and enhance the spirit of cooperation among the Catholics.

To educate the Catholics in their rights and duties as members of the Church and as good citizens of the country.

To defend and safeguard the religious freedom and other rights and privileges of every member of the Church in the State.

To rouse civic, social and national consciousness of Catholics to help play a useful and effective part in public life and to make their full contribution to national unity and welfare.

To spread the influence of Catholic ideas and principles in public life through any medium of communication and to undertake social and economic activities that the Association deems fit.

To be the exponent of Catholic opinions, represent the Catholics in public forums and make representations to authorities and public bodies in matters affecting the Catholics.

To defend and safeguard the rights and privileges of the Church against any unlawful action or any unreasonable and unconstitutional harassment from any quarter.

To engage in works of charity for those in need irrespective of race, caste, class community, creed, clan or tribe and to defend human rights whenever/wherever they are involved.

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