About Us

The Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN) is the highest body of the Catholic Laity of Kohima Diocese. Under the association, the laity come together to share experiences, reflections and suggestions on vital issues confronting the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Kohima.

Preamble of the Association:

Being aware of our mission to be the people of God and being open to be led by the spirit of the Lord who fills the whole world, we try to read the signs of the times, discern the events, find answers to the needs and longings that we share with other people of our time, which may be genuine signs of the presence or of the purpose of God (cf. GS.11)

Under the aegis of Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN), we hope to bring together all sections of the people of God to discern the Father’s Will for the Church in Nagaland and suggest ways and means to help the people to live up their vocation as people of God.

Face with the growing realisation that all of us are called be to be involved in the mission of the church, and be responsible members in our respective areas of work and expertise, the CAN is committed to unity , peace and dynamics witness of the Good News of Jesus Christ by becoming the salt of the earth and light of the world (cf. Mt. 5:13,14) in Kohima Diocese in the State of Nagaland.

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